Friday, May 09, 2008

Renewed endeavor to write about important matters

Anything worth having comes at a price. Relationships with long-time friends is worth the price. This short video is a small reflection of my time with some former highschool classmates while watching OU play in the Big 12 championship game a few years back.

As they say, "when in Rome", I support OU, especially when my friend from Oklahoma calls up and offers a ride and admission (14 rows up from the ground) to an important game at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City. But hey, I'm a transplanted, born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, living in Kansas fan who supports any friend's favorite team, especially when I am the guest.

Our small highschool class of '68 has always had fun together, planning reunions that other classes even ask to attend. But that's the way we were as kids, too. Nothing exclusive or elitist, just "come on by and let's have some fun."

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