Monday, December 11, 2006

Fire Truck pictures below

For those new to this site, you will find pictures of two different Fire trucks Ben S. and I checked out. You can access the posts either of two ways... Option 1. Scroll down to the post titled "Fire Truck #1" to see the first pictures. Option 2. On the left hand column, click on "Fire Truck #1" for the first set of pictures.

If township members have any questions or comments, click on the comment icon to post them. All pictures are downloadable by clicking on the picture, then when the picture comes up, save to your computer.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

More of FT #2

This unit is only 2wd, however. Has 16ply tires. Central command control. Unit came from a Colorado city.

Fire Truck #2

This unit has a 3208 Cat, 250 hp engine, with 643 Allison transmission. Has very good pickup speed, can cruise 70+ mph. It has good handling and can seat three in the cab and at least three behind the cab. Has good pump capacity and a new 1,000 gallon fiberglass tank.

Front Mounted pump for our current pumper

This unit is similar to the pump we would be replacing if we decided to continue with the repairs. Cost of this unit is around $25,000, plus repairs needed to rebuild the drive shaft and the radiator.

Still more of FT #1

These are the last group taken of this unit.

More of Fire Truck #1

Tires are in very good condition. Equipment maintenance appears to be performed and everything in good working order. Truck has 4x4 drive with high and low gear settings. Again, click on comments icon to post comments. Only drawback from my perspective might be the lack of power to get to higher speeds quickly, but our test drive ran up around 65+ mph.

Fire Truck #1

Click on the
picture to download. The fire chief has the spec sheet on this unit. He can either post the specs on the reply option or email the specs to me to scan and upload in another post. More pictures to follow.