Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fall Harvest

I love taking pictures of farm scenes, especially those that have something special to show. Like this approaching storm. I was harvesting corn for a neighbor and saw this frontal system looming on the horizon.

Speaking of the unusual, today, I worked a milo field. This being the first day of Pheasant hunting season, I observed a cock pheasant running through the milo stalks. These birds are smart. They fly only when necessary. Otherwise, they run to escape their predator. Well, this bird must have been short a few feathers in the intelligence department. An hour later, I saw this wierd looking cock pheasant, minus his long tail feathers. This time, he flew away to escape my presence. I figured he must have hidden in the stalks when my tractor and disc ripper passed by. A disc must have knicked his behind. He's one lucky bird. An inch or two in either direction, and...