Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fall Harvest

I love taking pictures of farm scenes, especially those that have something special to show. Like this approaching storm. I was harvesting corn for a neighbor and saw this frontal system looming on the horizon.

Speaking of the unusual, today, I worked a milo field. This being the first day of Pheasant hunting season, I observed a cock pheasant running through the milo stalks. These birds are smart. They fly only when necessary. Otherwise, they run to escape their predator. Well, this bird must have been short a few feathers in the intelligence department. An hour later, I saw this wierd looking cock pheasant, minus his long tail feathers. This time, he flew away to escape my presence. I figured he must have hidden in the stalks when my tractor and disc ripper passed by. A disc must have knicked his behind. He's one lucky bird. An inch or two in either direction, and...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Family Portrait, end of 2005 wheat harvest

Having no disinterested third party to come along and offer to take a complete family portrait, we took two photos. Ben's friend, Anna, second from left, took the first picture.

Her first Kansas wheat harvest experience, Anna dove right in and helped out with driving the tractor and grain cart, moving personnel and vehicles where needed.

Jessica, minus hubby, Tom, was able to stay the weeklong harvest routine as well. Too bad Tom missed out on her culinary contributions.... By the way, we are ready to make plans to add Tom to the list of harvest helpers next year.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

2004 Harvest, Schierling farm, eve of the big storm, photo by Dave

Schierling farm, eve of the big storm. Photo taken by Dave Posted by Hello

Don't mess with me. I have my favorite hat and I'm not afraid to use it! Posted by Hello

Winter's frosty blanket Posted by Hello

A spectacular end of a great day Posted by Hello

The untouched photo of yours truly Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The first step

Upon the urging of a member of my family, namely, Ben, I begin this experiment in blogging. I will post pictures from time to time as well as commentary on my life in KS.